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Simplify social media content with our done-for-you social media copywriting service. Choose from 10, 20, or 30 high-level social media copy plans per month. 

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Getting Started with Caption Copy is Easy. Here’s how it’s done.


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Why Caption Copy

Captions matter but they are time consuming

Captions are the life bread of social media storytelling. They allow you to connect with your audience and build real relationships. However, we don’t expect everyone enjoys writing. In fact, more and more, people stray away from the written word simply because of how challenging it can be. Caption Copy helps you eliminate all those obstacles by writing high-performing captions for your social media posts.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help you perfect your social media messaging. Caption Copy provides high-quality, brand centric, and affordable captions for any social media profile. Regardless of what platform you are using, content is always going to be king. Why not add value, build a longterm brand, and tell your story well? The biggest objection to composing quality captions is the time and effort it takes to get the job done. Forget hiring a writer, or social media agency, we can help you do more with less. Our process is lean but powerful. 

Our promise

Our Promise

Caption Copy is a family operated business. We’ve been helping Agencies, Universities, Corporations, SAAS Companies, and Influencers build their social for over 10 years. We understand the value of content and promise to only deliver quality captions every month. We stand by the promise and guarantee if you are not satisfied with your monthly deliverable, we will refund your purchase. We don’t take your brand lightly.

Who We Serve

Who Caption Copy is For

Caption Copy is built for businesses of all sizes from small startups to large corporations, we’ve helped them all. We specialize in the following business. 

Financial Service Providers

Business & Lifestyle Coaches

Marketing Educators & Influencers

White Label Marketing Agencies

Financial Services

We understand the nuances of promoting financial services. Get more ROI from your content with quality crafted captions. 

Marketing Agencies

Designers have a difficult time creating interesting images without the context. Arm your designers with the context they need to create amazing designs.

Business Coaches

Creating captions for your lifestyle or business coaching brand is no easy feat. It’s a personal and high level task. We can help you meet the quality standard you’re looking for. It’s simple, great captions, less time.

Choose any one of our monthly plans. There's a plan for every business.

Key Features

Simple Plans

Day Turnaround

Starter Plan $299

  • Content Brief Only
  • Monthly Content Planner
  • 10 Custom Captions 
  • 1 Social Network
  • You Provide Creative
  • No Scheduling
  • Email Support Only

Uplevel Plan $799

  • Monthly Strategy Session
  • Monthly Content Planner
  • 20 Custom Captions
  • 2 Social Networks
  • 15 Standard Canva Designs 
  • No Scheduling
  • Email Support Only

Guru Plan $1399

  • Monthly Strategy Session
  • Monthly Content Planner
  • 30 Custom Captions
  • 3 Social Networks
  • 15 Custom Designs
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Priority Support

Talk To Your Caption Creator Every Month


Schedule a monthly call with your caption creator so that he or she can help you create the best possible caption copy. We are a completely human team and want to serve you as best as possible. The more we know the better.


Can I have multiple brands under 1 plan?

No. Brand research is conducted before caption copy is created. Therefore, each brand should have its own plan.

Do you offer trial subscriptions?

No. Our team is 100% human powered, unlike an app or software, we are composing every caption by hand. Therefore, we are unable to offer free trial periods. However, we are more than happy to jump on a consult call to discuss your concerns further.

How are my captions delivered?

Your captions are delivered via email by way of a Google Sheet link. 

What are hashtag sets?

Hashtag sets are smartly composed sets of hashtags that match the context of your caption. You may have heard that social networks are shadowbanning accounts that hashtag stuff which is why it's important to create hashtag sets that actually match your caption.

What does recommended images mean?

A recommended image will include a link to a free royalty free image that you can use outright to post on social or send to your designer for more inspiration.

How long will it take to receive my captions?

Captions are delivered 3 business days after you complete your intake form. Thereafter, captions will be delivered within 3 days of your original order date each month.

How do you know what to write?

After checkout, we ask you questions about your brand or social accounts. These details along with our research and expertise help us write high-value captions.

Can you provide captions for images I provide?

Yes, if you have existing designs, stock photos, or personal images of yourself we certainly create captions for each image. 

Caption Your Brand! 

Up-level your caption game with our social media caption writing service. There’s nothing else like it on the web.