7 Best Instagram Captions from Fashion Brands We Love

Are you a fashionista or a budding fashion brand? If so, I’m sure you’re searching for Instagram caption examples from other timeless fashion brands. As you know at Caption Copy, we’re obsessed with the perfect caption. So we decided to share our favorite caption examples from fashion brands we love.

Instagram Captions for Fashion Brands

Without further adieu let’s jump into caption examples from our favorite fashion brands.

Ceciliebahnsen – Share Your Inspiration

Cecilie Bahnsen has a knack for sharing what inspires her collections. This candid shot of her workspace as she shares her muse behind SS21 collection feels almost poetic. Immediately, we can associate her line with many faces. Though you may not be a ‘symbolic wanderer’ the poetry behind such a woman is quite unforgettable.

Christopher_esber – Write the Ensemble into Existence

To the uninitiated eye this might seem like a fancy woman’s suit but when you begin to read the caption the creator articulates the concept with smartly chosen words like embedded Quartz crystals, double belted trouser, masculine tailoring. These key phrases transform a black suit into something more powerful. It’s moments like this when a well-composed caption can alter the perception of an outfit.

christopher ereshber instagram fashion caption examples

FearofGod – Talk Culture

Fear of God uses this caption to picque their audience. There’s more to a fashion brand that fabric and materials. Captions can help engrain your audience in your culture and help build awareness behind the brand’s roadmap.

fear of god instagram caption

Glossier – Short and Fun

Captions don’t always have to be deep and poetic. Be creative, use puns, and most of all help your audience get involved. Short captions that engage your audience are entertaining and simple. The easier you make it for your audience to engage the greater likelihood they will do just that.

glossier instagram fashion captions

Joefreshgoods – Enroll People In Your Good Will

Instagram captions are a great opportunity to share a cause and help your audience spread it for you. What we love about Joefreshgoods captions are they are always reaaaaallll. The use of capitalization, elongation of words, and conversational tone make the caption not only digestible but also helps us see the humanity behind the brand.

Lululemon – Puns are Always Fun

Lululemon isn’t afraid to be punny 🙂 Afterall, “Dad” jokes are all the rage on social. When it comes to fashion brands you don’t always need to be lengthy or talk about available sizes 🙈 S/M/L. Instead ask quick questions and let the customer send an inquiry. It helps build engagement but also encourages your audience to take the next step and ask questions.

Lush – What’s Next

The great thing about a caption is the opportunity to direct your audience to do something next. For example, Lush’s well thought out call to action #DreamCream leads users to a slew of influencer posts which often leads to a sale. Be precise about what your reader should do next, the more strategic you are about this direction the better.

Instagram Fashion Caption Best Practices

It’s easy to get lost in the formatting equation of Instagram captions. In reality context and your end goal is more important than the type of emojis you use or the number of spaces in between a hashtag. Always keep strategy in mind when composing your captions.

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