The Finance Vault by Caption Copy

The #1 content creation subscription for financial advisors, coaches, and service providers. The Vault by Caption Copy gives you 90+ NEW and timely social media content pieces every month. Unlock the vault and eliminate 80% of the content production steps that typically require your time and energy.

What’s Inside Caption Copy’s Vault?

financial advisors social media content

Professionally written social content done for you each month without the need for a content creator, writer, editor, agency, or project manager. Each month you’ll get:

  • 30 Social Media Finance & Money Specific Educational Captions
  • 30 Hashtag sets & creative design briefs for every educational caption
  • 10 Finance & Money Specific Video Scripts
  • 20 Curated Authoritative Snippets for Twitter and LinkedIn With Custom Share Text
  • 3 “Exclusive-to-You” Copy Requests

The vault makes it so easy for me to plan and share social media content. I save at least 5 hours every week.  

Joann Urbano

Family Finance

I’m so glad I found the vault. There’s so much content to choose from every month. I wish I found this sooner.   

Mica Tanaka

Tan Investments

What’s Different About the Caption Copy Vault?

✅ Customized for the Finance & Money Niche

✅ New & Timely Content Added Monthly

✅ Educational Value and Syndication Approach

Caption Copy helps financial service providers or their social media teams produce high-quality content faster with less effort.

We focus specifically on written content, video scripts, and design briefs. The writing portion of producing social media content is the biggest bottleneck in the production process. We’re helping you solve it today!  


Hit Your Content Goals Every Month With Ease!

How the Vault Works.

how the vault works

Like Netflix you pay a flat fee to access all content inside the vault. Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Subscribe for just $47 a month

Step 2. Once subscribed you’ll receive access to the vault. We’ll immediately send you an email with your login information.

Step 3. Inside the membership area you can view and download the content you need.  That’s it! Simple and straight forward.

Sounds cool! But…I really need to see what’s inside before I subscribe. We get it…Here’s a quick look at what’s inside.

Building Authority in Your Niche

Anyone can find images on the web. Instead, the vault focuses on providing custom written content you can use to showcase your authority in the financial niche. One of the biggest digital content hurdles is simply having enough brain space during the day to come up with content people will find valuable. The vault is filled with these resources so you can simply copy, paste, and publish. 

twitter example
twitter example 2

We Curate Resources You Can Share On Social

(Like Twitter or LinkedIn). 

Social Syndicaton

We curate valuable content for your audience for you from sites and brands like:


The Economist

Think Money 




Harvard Business Review

Pre-written SHarable snippets

We don’t just curate the resources. We also write share text so that you can simply copy, paste, & share.

Kiplinger’s Guide to Roth Conversions:

Share text

“before converting your traditional IRA to a roth read this special report. It debunks 3 common roth conversion misconceptions.”

#IRA #investments #guides #personalfinance

I’ve hired several social media people / services to help me with this in the past it either took too much time or was far too expensive. The vault produces content I can actually use vs. stuff that just sits in my inbox. 

James Healy

Financial Advisor

30 New & Authoritative Educational Captions Every Single Month!

how the vault works

Unlike copy and paste caption apps or 365 Day calendars, Caption Copy digs deeper to solve the REAL problem behind social media content. Instead of creating run-of-the-mill generic content we decided to drill the vault down to key value-driven content production tasks that eliminate your need for intervention.  If you’re an entrepreneur, you know, the service that adds the most value is the one that eliminates your need for intervention.  

Exclusive Video Scripts Every Month

We all know video is a social media goldmine. Whether you’re using Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube your audience wants to find you via video. Like most busy entrepreneurs video might not be at the top of your list BUT it’s certainly not something you can forget about. Caption Copy produces at least 10 new video scripts for you each month. Even if you don’t want to be on video you can use the scripts to produce videos via AI Video Platforms, Fiverr Presenters, or animation platforms. 

Real Comparable Value 

If you’re anything like us you don’t enjoy sales pages that hype up the value of the product. Those types of pages make accountants cringe (e.g. $5997 value you get it today $29).  Let’s put some real numbers behind the value of the vault.

Comparative Cost – Line Items


LINE EDITOR (2700 WORDS) – $500+/MO


Social Media VA  $500/MO

TOTAL COST – $3250 / MO

Caption Copy Cost – $47 / mo

Cost Justification Notes

The median cost of an intermediate or advanced freelance writer ranges from $0.10 – $1.00 per word. This means if you were to pay a writer to produce only 30, 90-word captions per month you’ll pay around $1350 every month [30 x 90 X $0.50 = $1350].

The cost of hiring a business or sales line editor ranges from $.04 – $.049 per word, this does not include ideation or fact-checking.  Using the same example as above, you can easily pay a line editor $500+ every month to edit your social content.

The average cost per hour for an intermediate project manager lands at approximately $45. Let’s imagine the managing the production of 90+ pieces of content might take 20 hours per month. In this scenario you’ll spend $900 per month on project management [$45 x 20].

A social media VA for hashtag optimization may run about $300 – $3000 on the lower end of the spectrum. Using this scenario you may be able to get away with paying $500 per month. 

If we’re being very honest you will have a hard time finding a project manager, social media specialist, and financial writer at the prices listed above. No matter how you slice it these people typically have high level clients already and more often than not will not accept a fee lower than $2000 per month. 

Vault Content Requests

custom copy requests

Vault members can request up to 3 custom content pieces (no more than 150 words each). This particular membership benefit is helpful when you need copy to run a social media promotion, need ad copy for a upcoming campaign, or need copy for a promotional email. 

Your content requests will be exclusive to you!

Who Should Subscribe to The Vault by Caption Copy

Don’t Subscribe IF…

You’re looking for a 365 Day Social Media Calendar

Your niche is unrelated to finance, financial coaching, or financial expertise

If you don’t need help writing high-quality captions

If you don’t need video scripts written for social media

If your social media content doesn’t need improvement

Subscribe if…

You have better things to do than brainstorm, write, and fact check content

You manage finance based social media accounts and understand the value of the written word. (Social media managers will love this).

you tired rework because your designers and writers don’t have the proper creative briefs (e.g. concepts & examples)

The best thing I bought all year. Honestly, so much value here!
Donna Fernandez

I can’t think of a better way to spend $50 every month. 

James Haines

The Vault is Limited 150 Users at Any Given Time 

Our goal is to produce content that’s useful to our subscribers to ensure event subscriber receives the vaults intended value its limited to only 150 users at any given time. Below you’ll see the available slots updated in real-time. 

Available Membership Slots

The Vault by Caption Copy FAQ

Refund Policy and Minimum Terms

Because the vault contains primarily written content that can easy be downloaded we cannot refund your subscription purchase. Though, we do not have a minimum subscription term. You may cancel your subscription at any time. 

Can I Share the Vault With My Content Team?

Yes, you can share with your team members for the purpose of producing internal content. The vault membership access should not be shared with the general public. 

How Does Billing Work

All vault subscribers are charged the full cost of the subscription upon checkout. Thereafter, you all members are billed automatically on the first of every month.

How Does the vault content submission process work?

Members can submit their content request from within the vault. We provide a content brief form with the submission section. Requests are fullfilled via email with 3 working days.

Does Caption Copy offer design or creative production?

Yes, our team can create custom plans for clients who need other marketing services. Please complete the contact form to book a discovery call. 

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